Sunday, July 12, 2009


Last night I was sound asleep, and I hear Hubs mutter...."are you OK?"

Not entirely sure who or what he is talking to, I stir and say, "yea". Only to hear the sobs of my eldest daughter, "mommy, it hurts! I don't know what to do." I awaken a little more and say, "what honey?"

"My back," sobs, "my back". "It just hurts!"

"did you take anything?"

"Yes, Mom, and it hasn't done anything!"

I get out of bed, try to assess the situation, through her murmurings and her cries. Her back about the kidney area is really hurting her. She is holding it, rubbing it, sobbing, standing, sitting, moving about. She just can't get comfy. She cries for a few more minutes and she tells me she has already had her muscle relaxer and tried to stretch. She had been working on it for 30 minutes. It woke her up.

Off to the Emergency Room we go. I pulled on some sweats, she in her shorts and t-shirt with a blanket wrapped around her. The check in gal says, fill this out, it'll be a minute. Bugg can't stand still, she can't sit down, she is crying...."mom, I can't wait!"

Our little friend Laura is a nurse and she happens to be on duty. She quickly calls Bugg's name, although Bugg thought it was an eternity! Miss Laura gets her to a room and tries to assess the situation herself. Bugg calms slightly and explains things to our nurse. Laura asks her, "can you give me a urine sample?" Bugg looks at me and says, "what?" That was funny!

She complies and her vital signs are a little out of whack. The doctor comes in and assesses her, orders blood work, an IV, and a CT scan. They all happen rather quickly and efficiently. The only thing that seemed to take a while was waiting for the CT results. She was medicated with some heavy duty Narcotics, I thought would surely put her out cold, nope! She just started jabbering. She must be related to me! She became a little more settled and her pain was easing up. She got a second dose of the meds while awaiting the scan results. She was then able to rest a little. It was closing in on about 6:30 am when the results came in and no stones, no masses, no appendicitis! YEA! IV antibiotics ordered and on our way home. I was watching cartoons by this time, anything to pass the time. We got the antibiotics, the discharge instructions, and some meds for home, off we went. She held onto my shoulder as we headed out to the car, should have opted for the wheelchair, she nearly threw up in my rig! Home we arrived, I carried her piggy back this time! To bed she went. Hubs and Peanut were getting up and ready for church. I really wanted to go, I had been looking forward to being there after being gone so much, but I really didn't want to fall asleep on Pastor Jon's first sermon! So to bed I went as well.

She is feeling better, the Kidneys are hanging in there. She is trying to drink a lot, but is so sleepy that drinking is secondary. Eating is even further down on the list. Visits from Papa and Nana and Uncle Ken all helped the day go by. She is awaiting a visit from her boy and I am certain that will make her better :~).


Mommy Lion said...

oh my! So what exactly caused all the pain anyway?


Michelle said...

I'm glad that she is feeling better. Was this more of the same from the first time you ended up in the ER or was it the same trip. I sure hope she recovers quickly. Were you able to get some rest?

Cheryl said...

Hope she is feeling better and you got some sleep. What a night!

Lynsey said...

also, Jessica came and visited me..
and i didnt really see ken, so he doesnt count.

love you.

Patty said...

Glad everything turned out okay and it wasn't anything major. I hope she is feeling better now.