Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PIE night

Last night, we were invited to celebrate with Joseph Lane Middle School, the accomplishments of the students who attend. Pioneers in Excellence is an evening in which the students are honored for the academia, citizenship and excellence (no tardies, truancy's, redirection, etc.). There were awards for physical fitness as well. Peanut says she "sucks" at stretching and that is why she didn't get an award for that. :~)

Mr. McGlone presenting the 7th grade Red Hall awards
Cailey and Kelly and some of the other students

Peanut picking up her certificate and her pins.

The girls~

Funny Faces :~)
It was a nice evening. The presentations were nicely done. They did serve pie afterward, but there wasn't enough for all the people who attended. So we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream instead! :~)

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Cheryl said...

Nice job Chels... Hard to believe the end of the school year is already here!