Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"catching" up????

hey there my friends~sorry it has been a while, but life at the Luiz house is a little busy. Sorry about that, but you know how it goes :~)
Last weekend, Peanut, Nana and Papa and I, headed to Sherwood for a tournament. We played three games on Saturday. The weather was really nice, it was not sunny, it was not cloudy, it was not cold, it was not hot, it was not rainy....til the very last game! Then we were behind in the 5th inning and a bit of rain came, then a bit more, then a torrential downpour. They called the game and told the girls to go to the dugout. The field was then covered in standing water. The girls were told not to move! The parents were madly gathering their gear and running to the cars, grabbing umbrellas or anything that would cover them. It was wild! They finally let the girls out of the dugout, but they couldn't go on the field! Imagine that! So Sunday was going to be better! We got a call that we weren't playing til 11, so we thought that the fields needed some prep since we were to play at 9 am. When we got to breakfast on Sunday, we found out that the team we were to play forfeited, so we won! Cool. So we played another team. We won that game 12-11. Then we lost the next game 5-3 or something close to that. The final game was for consolation prize. We won in the bottom of the sixth with a runner on third and two outs, a hit by our "slapper" scored the winning run. FUN FUN FUN!
Here are some pics of the second day...

She bunted the ball, she manages to get on base every time she bunts. Her coaches told her to bunt any time she thinks she can and so far, they haven't thrown her out, because she is so fast!
stealing second

taking off from second

at bat


when the girls make it to base, they get skittles
sometimes they cheer "taste the rainbow!"

Lead off second base

We won! Medals for everyone!
That is Peanut #16~aka "lightening 16"
Fun times

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Cheryl said...

Great pictures! Life is busy with the two girls but always exciting...glad you can go to all of their games.