Monday, June 8, 2009

Graduation 09

My lovely niece Michelle graduated from Roseburg High School yesterday. While I was at the luncheon with the ladies, the graduation ceremony was going on, but my sis-in-law was great to keep me posted via text how things were going. I had been to a graduation party on Saturday for my dear sweet girlfriend, her one and only son graduated as well, but they knew it would be good to party the day before.
So here are some pics of our time at the Luiz house.....

My beautiful niece, weird to see her as a graduate!
A picture of her pictures....

The Sister's in law~ We chose the same colors and we hadn't even phoned!

Bugg and Uncle Kenny

Peanut and Hubs~she never lets me take her picture anymore.

Uncle Joey and Kaylee~
I had such a blast with Kaylee!
My Mother in law. She drove up that morning with Joey to be here for the graduation.

Eric~my brother-in-law!! The chef and "father" of the grad.

Hubs gabbing with some friends

In the bucket of drinks, the wine labels were falling off and it was just too fitting to put them on their foreheads :~) I was drinking the soda, I promise!

Bugg showing her height over her grandma :~)

Kaylee didn't like her picture taken either, so I got her eating :~) I am so mean!

My sweet hubs~his eye is starting to really bruise now! Poor guy.

The brothers

Her cake~from Illahee

All the brothers

The girls~the younger two~ were having a blast with Uncle Joey's hair.

here is a grey one.... this one is out of place....

how about this?

He is pointing to his wine glass, he is absolutely bummed that the girls got mousse on his wine glass and that quite possibly he may have some in his wine! OH MY!

They really didn't care, they wanted to fix his hair!!
We had a good time with the family. Eric did a great job with the barbecue-tri tip!
The conversations and laughter were good as well. We headed home to get Bugg home for some last minute finals prep and Hubs and Peanut decided to head back out to the house. I had just put on my pj's so I didn't quite make it, but it was fun for them!
Congratulations Michelle, we are so proud of you!

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