Sunday, September 7, 2008

the weekend

This is from Thursday, we were at Marshfield High school for some volleyball. Bugg's team started at 5:45, so we headed out around 3:30, stopping to get Nana on the way. She had to go to Granddad's memorial service earlier in the day so she was already off work. We had a good trip over, Little Bit, (aka Peanut) Nana, and me. There were only a handful of fans from the Roseburg area there, but we were loud enough to bring on some cheerin'. The JV won, pretty nicely I might add. Bugg got to "swing" for Varsity again and she actually went in to the 4th game. She really didn't do much, but she was in the game.
This is from Saturday. The Varsity team had an invite at Roseburg, they invited the JV to have an even 16 teams. They played really well. They were playing varsity teams and they made some of the teams work really hard. It is good for these girls to have that kind of experience. They started playing at 9 am. We watched 3 matches and then Little Bit and I headed over to Stewart Park softball fields for A.S.A. fast pitch tryouts. She has a birthday after the cutoff, so they had a bit of a discussion as to what team she needed to tryout on, the 12u or the 14u. Well, we showed up for the 14u because this here Mom thought that by the time the season started she would be 13 so she should be on the 14u team. After much discussion, they had her tryout, but come back today for the 12u time slot. She went there while Bugg and I headed over to the Band Shell for our Church Service. Yep, we had Church in the Park. The sun was shining, the river running, the leaves swaying, it was beautiful. All God's marvelous creation in one small place. Then we picnicked, barbecue style, and then headed home. Little bit and I got so warm at the park we jumped ourselves into the pool and cleaned it out when we got home. How about that!!
It was a good few days. Filled with busyness that the girls always generate, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Cheryl said...

Church service outside this morning was just so beautiful!

Michelle said...

How fun to be able to go some volleyball. I agree the church service was very cool outside.