Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today was one of those days that I can't quite decide how I want to feel. I went to work, did my job like I am supposed to, headed out early. Lynsey phoned to let me know that she found out from Papa that Nana had been up all night with her friend Paulus. I phoned Mom to see what was up, then headed over to Paulus'. Paulus has Metastatic Breast Cancer, it is in her brain. They didn't expect her to make it through the night. Well, she did. She is a strong one. I decided to stay with her because the aide had been up all night with her. I got to take care of her for a few hours and chat with her friends. IT is pretty hard though because Mom has known Paulus since they were grade schoolers. I had to leave Paulus to head to the high school because it was Lyns' first volleyball game. She played great, I was a proud mom. She was then invited to sit the bench with the varsity. Well, she got to warm up with them and act like she was a teammate and all, but she didn't get any playing time herself. Anyway, that was pretty exciting. So the emotions went from sadness, to great pride. It is just kind of weird how days go like that. Tomorrow is another day, for some of us. Just pray for mom and her friend Paulus, that Paulus will rest peacefully and go quickly.

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Mommy Lion said...

God is good to give us that just what we need when we need it! He knew you needed some great JOY in the midst of pain. I'm so proud of you and Lyns too! Thanks for the b-day wishes, we'll try to call tonight. The last few days have been BUSY! *smile*