Friday, September 26, 2008

So last night....

...we headed to Sheldon for some volleyball. Lynsey's team was playing at 5:45 pm, so Nana, little Bit, and I headed north. I had recently got reacquainted with some of my "old" friends, old only meaning length of time....really *wink*. So I let them know we were coming their direction and they met us at the volleyball game. Too cool!! Here is Kim and I, we are trying to decide what kind of face to make for the camera and Bugg is snapping away!!!! This lovely little peanut here is Mya, she is Kaci and Roy's one and only!
This is Kaci, not really wanting me to take her picture.
Did you gather that by looking at the photo??

Ok, so here we are...we really got it together this time.
My hair looks wild, but that is what I get when it is PINK!!

That is a~whole~nother story...we won't go into right now. Needless to say it was awfully fun to be there with my friends. I had told Kimmy that I really miss that, hanging out with my friends. I can't tell you the last time I just plain ol' hung out with some girly friends. I guess that is one thing I really need to work on, cause when us girls look at the Mom's, we get kinda jealous of their wonderful friendships~those they have had for YEARS.

Ok, so the JV team won their match, we finally got to watch some real volleyball, as in their was something to watch. But, unfortunately, the varsity team lost. But really now, it is ok, because Oregon State Beavers beat the USC Trojans. Can you believe that?? How awesome is that?


The not so secret life of me said...

Well I love you...and your PINK hair!!! =)

Cheryl said...

What a fun evening. You look great!

Anonymous said...

Missed you at Lynseys Vollyball game here in Medford - She played good games and won them both.