Wednesday, September 24, 2008

See you at....

...the pole. An event for all school age children; all over the country to meet at the flag pole of their school and pray~~ for their school, their friends, their country, and their leaders. Well, my little girl decided she was going to make it happen. She put up a poster at school last week, printed off some flyers and planned to have her mom pick up some donuts on the way to school. WOW, how exciting. We headed out this morning, headed to the store to get some donuts; while there Chelsey was sharing her concern that maybe, just maybe she would be the only one there. Everyone she had talked with had an excuse, too early, can't get a ride, etc. I said, you know what honey, even if no one comes, you are honoring the Lord by what you are doing. You never know, maybe people you don't even know will show up. So she got a little hopeful...but still concerned. When we arrived, just a little early, she kept wondering if any one would come. Just minutes before 7 a couple of young ladies came up to the flag pole. I nudged Chels and asked the girls if they were there for "SEE YOU AT THE POLE", "Yea" one of them eagerly answered. So I sent Chels to the pole to get started. A group of about 6-8 young men walked up with scripture sheets to read. My little heart began to swell. I asked Chels if I could run to work now, as I was already 20 minutes late. She said sure and blew kisses my way. She later told me, that after I left one of the adult school helpers showed up that had encouraged Chels to participate. She also brought some goodies. Chels mentioned that people continued to gather up until the time of school. I was so proud of her. She told me tonight, you know Mom, you were right, people I didn't even know showed up and that is pretty cool!
I think it is pretty cool that she did it. She brought tears to my eyes!


Cheryl said...

That is just awesome! Love how God was just in control and calmed her fears.

Mommy Lion said...

PTL!!! I know God has such big plans for both your girls! Chels ~ I'm so proud of you, I'll refrain from mentioning the whole you were in training pants the first time I kept you . . . ooops I guess I mentioned it! *wink*
God is good, and I'm so glad you are seeing His revelations and working in your life personally!
You have every right to be proud, Bran!