Tuesday, September 16, 2008

how fitting...

Last night was the second night of my class, Bible Study Fellowship. We are studying the life of Moses. So we really haven't gotten very far, only the second week, but it is funny how timely God is. He really cracks me up sometimes. The first week of study was about God's plan, His timing, and how even in the midst of some really weird circumstances, He still reigns.
WOW, how fitting is that? How could I forget it? Well, I forget that on a regular basis I think. I have had a lot of comments at work about how quiet I have been lately. Well, I guess I was having my own doubts and trials about where exactly God has been in the last couple months of my life. But, you know what. I realized, He is right here. He may be silent, but He is right here. I have begun to laugh again and those people at work are starting to notice. Hopefully, I will be good and give God the credit for my joy.

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Mommy Lion said...

I went to intro this morning. Both kids will be able to attend this year! I'm very excited to get little Pumpkin in the program!