Friday, September 19, 2008

Tonight the house is quiet. A couple of hours ago, you couldn't have said that. We hosted the parents of the youth tonight. You see we have a Youth Pastor Candidate here, visiting, checking us out, us checking him out; you know, that sort of thing. Well, every youth parent was invited to bring a pizza and come and meet Kyle. We had a mere handful of adults. It was surprising who didn't come! Anyway, he ate with us and then Pastor Steve made him sit in front of a large circle of us and answer "any" questions we had. He did a really fine job. It will be interesting to see how God answers these prayers.
I did have some answers to prayer today. I asked for good weather. Most of you know that my home is not on the large side, so hosting a bunch of parents is pretty brave, considering they would all have to be OUTSIDE, because there is NO ROOM in my house! Well, thank you Lord for the nice weather. Then, I was to provide drinks, well not really knowing how many to expect I was feverishly trying to find my drink pitchers to make lemonade and ice tea and stuff like that...well, I am asking Jeff, "where did all our pitchers go???" We found one, and the ice tea pot, so two. Then here comes Pastor Kelly, she was getting the girls to entertain them while we had the parents here, in her hot little hands are two brand new Rubbermaid pitchers!!! I said, "Did you hear me asking where my pitchers were or what??" How about that for a God thing! Too cool.
Anyway, Jeff who has had a really bad time at work lately was itching, and I mean ITCHING to leave for hunting vacation; decided once all the parents were gone, that he would really, REALLY like to head up to camp. His friends are there already, but I had asked him to stay and meet "Kyle" because he wouldn't have any other chance to meet him. So I say to Jeff, I know you are really wanting to leave, so if you need to go, it is OK with me.
So, no sooner had I breathed the last syllable and in to change he went. Pack up his coolers and a quick kiss goodbye. "Tell the girls I love them" and off into the darkness he drove.
Now, what on earth am I doing with all this quiet?? Catching up on all my blogging friends. I miss them.
Have a great weekend.

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Mommy Lion said...

Hey there friend! You are always so willing with your servants heart to serve ~ God blesses that! I will be praying God's will be done with the candidate ~ I know it's hard and especially when it so closely effects your children! Keep me posted ~