Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soccer weekend...

`Well, we got to go to Portland for some soccer this weekend and visit with our family, Jeff's side. This is Aunt Jan, she is preparing herself for surgery this Thursday. She is doing great and very positive. This is Brandie and Lyns, they were making brownies for dessert.
This is Braden and Chelsey lickin' the bowl.
They found this little spot that made the adults a little nervous. You see at the end of their deck, the peak of the garage roof starts and the girls thought this was a really cool spot. So then little Masyn thought it would be a good idea to sit there herself. She got up there with cousin Jeff and then decided to come in and ask her Mom if it was ok to get on the roof if the girls "promised to watch" her. I found it quite amusing that Jeff admitted they were already on there before Masyn asked permission.
Chelsey played Goalie today. She also played goalie in yesterdays game. Yesterday we played in Lake Oswego, we won 1-0. Today we played in Sherwood, we lost 0-4. It was turf and we aren't exactly used to turf. The ball speed is quite different. It was good for us though. We always learn from interesting games. Chels was bummed, she didn't think they played too well, but it was HOT! We are all a little redder and wishing for the fall to start.
I am going to upload some more of the pictures to Picasa, so hopefully you can view them there.


Cheryl said...

I am still thankful that Alyssa's soccer games are just here in town once a week. Looks like a fun weekend.

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a good weekend also. I bet the girls were pretty warm. Does Chelsea play for a traveling team or is this a school team?