Friday, May 14, 2010

Without the braces....

here is a before....taken last August on her way to Costa Rica
after...taken 5.13.10

Had a splendid day. I was able to have the day off, our schedule is pretty light some days, so I spent the day with Hubs, getting bark mulch and hauling a lawn mower for a friend. I then headed to Jo Lane to pick up Peanut. Today was the much anticipated day of brace removal, if she had been good and used her rubber bands like she was supposed to. She so desperately did NOT want to get her hopes up, but he had a hard time not being excited. When she walked in, the receptionist greeted her with , "hey, it's your big day!" Hard not to get too excited now! Then, the assistant called her back and said, "hey, it's your big day!". Well, they need to check in with the Doctor to see if she really can get them off. He says, Do you think they need to come off? Of course she says YES!! So he says, OK. You can have them off. After getting the brackets off, she got the glue drilled off and her teeth smoothed out. She got up to brush and she says, "are these really my teeth?" One of the girls thought that was the funniest thing she had ever heard!! Then she was getting her permanent wire placed and I was trying to take pictures with her new phone. That wasn't quite so smooth. I had brought the camera, all charged up and ready, til I turned it on and it had a blaring message, "no memory card". I couldn't believe it. So my best option was trying to take pictures with her new phone. Well, there is one or two on her phone. As she was nearing completion, they took a mold of her upper teeth for her retainer, in walks Bugg and two of Bugg's friends. So Peanut is sitting in the chair, drooling all over her napkin and closing her eyes so as not to cry or throw up and in walks an audience!! She was a trooper. She kept a stiff upper lip and charged on. We were visiting and having so much fun, Dr. Varner comes in the room and says, "hey, she's done! You can go now!! " Guess the party was over. Good job Peanut.

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