Saturday, May 8, 2010

Into the Woods

Peanut has been working for months on a play for school. This is the third year she has participated in the school play and she loves it. Each year, she gets a little bigger part.
Her voice has developed so well and I love to hear her sing. She has become quite the actress and I am so proud of her. Her role in this years play is the Baker's Wife. Her goal is to have a baby. She must do what the evil witch asks of her and her husband to acquire this baby.
A cow that is milky white, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a gold slipper.
So here are SEVERAL pictures from the production. Enjoy.

The step Mother, Cinderella, the step sisters

Little Red Riding hood.

Jack and The White Cow

The evil witch

Cinderella's Mother as a tree....(she had passed away)

The wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

Our friends, the trees, hiding the Baker

listening in on the Baker's instructions from the Witch while in the woods


at Grandmother's house, after cutting Grandmother and Little Red Riding hood from the wolf's tummy.

Asking for the slipper

lost the white cow.....

got the hair!! :~)

just finished fighting

The baby....
The finale

I do believe the time that I laughed the hardest was when Peanut came out with her belly and Jeff leans over to me and says, "I didn't need to see that!"
They did a great job. Very proud of them.
I will not be able to attend tonight though, because I am heading to the Strike Out Breast Cancer event at Ten Down.
post play....

friends after the play....

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