Friday, May 14, 2010

3rd Annual Strike Out Breast Cancer

Our 3rd Annual Strike Out Breast Cancer event on Saturday May 8th was a huge success.
I am so proud of our Board for putting together such a great "party". I have heard nothing but positive comments from all in attendance. Bowling and prizes and raffles and food, there is nothing better than that. Mile Post 8 was the band that played in the Splitz Bar and Grill after bowling was over and everyone was completely happy with their sound.
The Foundation is doing so well right now. We raised money which was what we really wanted to do, but behind the scenes work is taking off. We are finalizing agreements between the Legacy Health Team and the Foundation so that we can begin with the first Co-operative Tumor Bank of the Northwest. We have purchased a freezer through donations from the Lion's Clubs of Douglas County and ORegon Surgery Center. We have the support of the local surgeons and most any community member we can talk to supports the idea. It just makes sense. Let's not throw precious tissue away, let's send it to a Research Facility to CURE the Cancer!!
I will keep you all updated as we move along. But for more info on how we are doing, check out the website, for more info.
For my interview with KPIC, go to and click on Spotlight on Douglas County and the Breast cancer link. The interview was a little crazy, I was excited, and I messed up our name, but you get the idea.

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