Monday, June 2, 2008


I haven't been on much lately. The doctor started me on some new meds and I have been a zombie. I have been busy with the girls as well. Bugg is back to volleyball practice, she heads down the 12th for her volleyball tournament in California. Little bit is still doing softball as well as mixing soccer tryouts in there. Just busy I guess.
My mom's closest friend from grade school is currently dying from metastatic breast cancer, and it is taking it's toll on everyone. It is hard to watch someone close to you go through the pain and misery of a cancer death. The girls and I went to pray with her yesterday and told her Jesus loves her very much, and she just cried. It is so sad.
So there really hasn't been much for me to talk about. Not really sure what it is I need to share.
I am so excited to see my loved ones from Texas, they will be here tomorrow!! I can't wait. I am off work for the next two days and can't wait to see them and have them here with us, even if for a short time.
Well, there will definitely be more after the visit.
For now, that's it.

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