Wednesday, June 18, 2008

hello from California

We have been in Cali for about 6 days. We were in Sacramento for Lynsey's volleyball, it was quite the experience. There were 21 courts, 4 teams per court, 4 age group for girls, and some boy teams. It was amazing. It was held at the Cal Expo center, which is absolutley huge. We spent the mornings relaxing and the afternoons watching volleyball. The girls did well, they had only played together for two weeks before going. We played teams that had been together for years and were Olympic bound. The 18u age group, which Lyns plays in, had the final match for the championship with teams from Croatia and Czech. It was amazing, They were all twelve feet tall, really only 6 feet all of them. They were awesome. Jeff and I and Chels went to the Raging Waters Water park on Tuesday. That was some fun. It was over 90 everyday that we were there so the water park was a great relief.

Today we are in Lower Lake California. Actually I believe we are currently in Nice, on the edge of Clear Lake, the largest natural lake in California. We are staying at a Resort that my bro in law has a time share with. We went to his vineyard today and visited his winery. Shannon Ridge Winery. Check it out, there is a website. He is the manager of Sales and is doing really well. He took us around in a new Chevy Suburban with all the bells and whistles to the hot spots of the area. We went to this awesome castle, Castle point The Castle is amazing! Built in 1926 and totally refurbished. When I get home I will post some pictures.

We had lunch in old town Upper Lake, at the Blue Wing Saloon. That was some great food. Sounds like we were a little rebellious today, but I promise, it was all on the up and up. We are currently barbecuing and just finished in the pool. This is a great vacation.

Will see you soon.

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Mommy Lion said...

Sounds like you guys are having a blast! I can't wait to see pictures!