Thursday, June 5, 2008

so much!!

First of all, Tuesday night Chelsey had her final choir concert of the year. She sang the song "Part of your world" as Ariel from the Little Mermaid, hence the costume. She did an absolutely fabulous job! She made her momma proud. Well, later that evening when the concert was done, we went home and we were greeted by some people from Texas. My little boy arrived. Little boy Blake, who looked at me with sleepy eyes and said, "Aunt Brandi". He came and snuggled in my arms and we sat in the rocking chair and he promptly fell asleep. I was in heaven. In my rocking chair with my little boy. I couldn't ask for anything else.
Here we are saying how much Aunt Brandi loves him, so we had some big grins!!!

He loved on Lynsey at lunch the next day, as well as Chelsey. He is so sweet with the girls and he is so kind and well mannered, his mommy and daddy did really well!!
Well, ok, so he didn't arrive alone. He arrived with his Mommy, Daddy, and little sister Kate. We had fun getting to talk to them again and reminisce about the old times. We spent Wednesday trying to get in as many visits as possible with people who meant something to Mom and Dad and Blake. We introduced, or rather re-introduced little sister to all the people we visited. We had a great lunch with some of the peoples,Sue and Uncle Jeff. Little Kate was trying to break a tooth through and she was tired, she needed a break. So home to nap we went. After they woke from their nap,
Bugg had to go to volleyball practice and Little bit was supposed to have a game, so to their next adventure they went.

Today, was and still is a very important day. The board of directors and the shareholders of the surgery center had a big meeting tonight. Well, the meeting was not favorable for some of us employees, so a couple of us, and I do mean a couple!! stood out front of the surgery center with some signs that read, "JUST VOTE NO". Well, we were greeted with some funny grins from the doctors and some interesting pleas, but nonetheless, we were invited in about 45 minutes later to hear the GOOD NEWS!! They all voted no!! They VOTED NO!! We get to stay the same! No changes in the near future for us. I know that I had lots of people praying and God answers prayers, hallelujah! I am just so happy. My little bit is ecstatic as well, she doesn't want us to move!! So we are staying the same. I am so thrilled I just can't stand it.
well, enough babbling for now! I am just so happy. :~}

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Mommy Lion said...

Thank you "so much" for hosting us! The girls are so beautiful inside and out. Keep up the good job.