Sunday, June 22, 2008


On to Eureka, actually it is Fortuna. We stopped in to see Jeff's cousin, Trina. Trina is the oldest of her siblings, her mother Malita is Jeff's aunt. She is only 2 years older than he is. While visiting with her I snapped a shot of Lyns and her dad, it's not too often they are together~and smiling!
We got to see his other cousin Connie. They used to spend a lot of time together as youngsters so they had some fun reminiscing of old times.
Here we have Aunt Irene, we first thought she wasn't going to be around for us, but she was! She is so funny. I laugh so hard with her. She is my favorite!!! ;>
A final little group shot, the girls complained because they had to look into the sun, but I got a good picture anyway. Grandpa doesn't like getting his picture taken, so no group photos of him!

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Mommy Lion said...

Thanks for the updates with pics! I love your hair! Did Chels get a perm? Anyway, sounds like you are still having fun! You'll have to frame that pic of Jeff and Lyns. It's SO good! Keep having fun! Love you guys!