Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Soccer, Sun, Siblings, etc.

Mom, Aunt Gloria, Mahala and Lynsey watching Tristan's soccer game. This is the one that the referree had decided prior to our arrival, the other team was going to win and they did.
Tristan after his final game. The cousins are pretty close, it is pretty cool. This is my cousin Cody.

This is my cousing Conner, I last saw him when he was a small baby. We traveled to my sister's in Yelm, Washington to spend the weekend with her. Her husband, serves us in the US Navy and is out to sea currently, so we of course went to visit. Tristan her oldest, had a soccer tournament up in Tukwila, so here you see him playing soccer. He is a defender and he stands on the right side usually. His team did rather well, they won 2 and lost 2, but if was fun. Carley, on the other hand, was totally exhausted from all the traveling. It took us about an hour to get from Candi's to the soccer field. Not bad really considering all things, really it was worth if for us to see Tristan play.
The girls were very excited to see some sun, they really were worshipping the rays. On Saturday, they actually got to lay on the grass and sunbathe.
Lynsey cheesin', she usually tries to hide her head, so this a good one.
Candi, watching the game. Carley's new haircute. That was a typo, but I thought it was fitting. Her haircut is cute, so it's a haircute!!
Anyway, it was a fun weekend. I love to see my sister. I am so proud of her and the job she does. Those are great kids and they are just growing up so fast. They step up when dad is gone and really are there for their mom. It is pretty cool. I am proud of you sister!!
Thanks for a fun weekend.

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Mommy Lion said...

WOW! Tristan looks so grown up! I bet Candi is having to beat the girls off with a stick! *wink*
Loving all that hair Carley has. . . the typo was very appropriate!
Can't wait to see you guys and love on those girls!
4 days! *SMILE*