Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Mother's Day was a blessing. I went to church, which is always a blessing. We received a plant from the church, little bit picked it out for me. Came home to change and wait for Mom and Dad so we could go to Kowloon's. That was fun. We hadn't been there for a really really long time. Came home and played some cards while the fellas unclogged the drain.

It is funny, because until you are forced to think about things, sometimes we don't. For instance, my friend here, Jessica, doesn't have a MOM. Her real mother died and her step mother made her life miserable, so she is mine. I also don't think about my own Mom having been raised without her Mother. It is amazing to me that people can give up there children. I am so obsessed with my girls that I cannot even fathom not having them with me. I know there are a number of situations in which people can't keep their children and I don't blame any one for that, I am just saying that I am BLESSED beyond measure. I have a Mom, who loves me and has shown me how to love and for that I can share with others. May God continue to fill my heart with a kind of love that knows no end, so that I may love those who have never felt that special kind of love.
God Bless each one of you Mom's for your love and sacrifices. Especially my own! I love you MOM.

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Mommy Lion said...

ooooohhhhh, some Kowloon's sounds really good. Especially that sauce they have . . .hhhmmm, might have to get some of that while we're in town! ;o)
Little Pumpkin and I made a countdown to Grandma's chain today. Can you believe it's less than 3 weeks away now!
See you soon