Sunday, May 18, 2008

Record setting temperature

So we have had record setting temperatures the last couple of days. Out of the blue it hits 100+ on Friday, nearly 100 on Saturday and 95 today. I tell you, oh my! It's one thing to be ready for the heat, but when it just comes like that, it is crazy. So we had some action in the pool this weekend. Thank goodness for the old 4 ft. Doughboy. We had some friends of ours little one's for the weekend. Derek is 4, and he isn't too sure about the water, but he loved playing beside it. The baby is one, she loved being in the water. I kept them sunscreened, oohy. Little Bit had games both Friday and Saturday, in the heat, but the kids were troopers, they tolerated it really well. Little Bit is Derek's favorite person, so that helped.
Today we had a Youth/Parent Potluck, First Annual, that was kind of fun. It was hot and full in the Youth Room, but it was fun.
Anyway, that is about it for now. Trying to stay cool in the heat wave.
I know, for some of you this is no big deal!

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Mommy Lion said...

Okay those temps are a little excessive even for here this time of year! The 2 week countdown is on! We are so excited to see you guys.
We were just looking at some pics of the girls and the morrow kids in our backyard on Berdine! WOW ~ they've all grown up fast!!!