Sunday, May 4, 2008


The last few days have been quite busy for us here at the homestead. Bugg has been hanging out with me as we travel about for Little Bit's activities. You see Little Bit is involved in quite a few things right now. This is great for Little Bit, but for big sister, this is a cause of contention. Bugg gets slightly jealous of her little sister. Funny, you know because Little Bit idolizes her big sister. Little bit had a play on Friday night, picnic on Saturday for her softball team, followed by church event, followed by play again. Then she was picked up by her Sunday School class to watch a movie about what they have been studying, only to spend the night and come to church with them this morning. Bugg tagged along with me to all these events, she was the photographer for the church event, helped in the nursery as well, but still felt like it was all about her sister. I can't seem to make her understand that it is about BOTH of them. Just differently. They are so different. They do different things, they like different things, they are involved in different things. God made them two different people. But, for some reason as a Mom, I am having a hard time trying to get across to them that they are both invaluable to me. Each one of them has a place in my heart, a tie that can't be unraveled. I don't know, I think this may be the hardest challenge. Not the boys that try to interfere, or the school projects, but each other. Their own worst enemies, but biggest supporters.
How does this all make sense? Sometimes I just don't know.

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lolly said...

Hey Girl!

I've just found your blog. Happy late Mother's day and big hugs.

I just wanted to reply to this particular post and let you know that I know exactly what you mean!

Hang in there! Love ya