Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dirt, Water, and Shopping

Today was a fun day! Jeff started out the day taking Lynsey to the church for her workday. He came home and started planting my new Dogwood tree. It is my Mother's Day present, I was still sleeping!! I loved that part. I was still sleeping. When I finally woke up, I went outside and sat in the chair on the deck, drinking my coffee and watching my husband play in the yard. Now that was a perfect morning. I then finally came to my senses and decided to help him work in the yard. We worked at cleaning things up and making things look good in the back, like it was meant to look. Jeff cleaned up this area in the back side of the house that we used as the dumping ground for everything we didn't know where to put. I started trying to help him with the new garden area. That turned in to the big chore, but it was so much fun. I totally forgot that I had to go shopping and get my mom a Mother's Day present.
I went on my way with Little Bit after I finally got myself cleaned up. We headed to the mall to get Little Bit's hair cut. Well, that was a really good idea, because I could get my eyebrows waxed!! But, Bugg calls before Little Bit is done and needs picked up. Hurry and grab her and take her back to the mall, well she is not going in to the mall dressed like that. She will just wait for us in the rig. Hurry up and get those eyebrows waxed and get back out to the rig, cause she has to shower, shampoo and shine for a birthday party. Well, she hasn't gotten a present yet!!!
Anyway, we managed to stop and get a gift, she wouldn't let her sister and I come in, it would take to long! But she made it, only 2 minutes late.
Little Bit and I decided to do our shopping now. We found some stuff for us, for my friends birthday on Monday, and finally something for MOM. 'bout time I am thinking to myself.
Meanwhile, when we had come home for Bugg's shower and shine, I started the laundry. The pipes are clogged so the washing machine is flooding the garage. So while Little Bit and I are out and about, Jeff needs to take care of all that. All of that. Well, we can't use the kitchen sink or do the laundry, but you know what??? My back yard looks really really good.

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Daddy Lion said...

Wish I was there! Christy & I could have picked up Lyns and then I could have snaked the drain!

Some days miss you guys!