Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve is our traditional time with the Luiz side of the family. We look forward to dinner and presents because we never truly know what will happen during the evening.
One year, the power went out and that was probably the most memorable, if not the most fun!
We will start with the tree.

My sister in law decorates it a little different every year. This year was more of an elegant simple theme. None of the PEPSI ornaments on the tree, but always a ton of presents.
My Niece, she is getting so tall. She is second only to Bugg now, much to her sister's dismay!

My oldest niece, delving in to the package. She really wanted it!

Auntie B, playing Santa!

J's new tool.

Miss J and Auntie B unwrapping their loot.

My brother in law, E with the girls.

Crash~ exactly what I wanted to do ;~)

Contemplating their goods.

Getting in to one of her gifts...

Opening their gifts from us

K is checking out those moccasins

that's me and my sister in law :~)

Us girls with Auntie B and J needing in the picture!

Ok, now with just Auntie B.
We had a great time with them. My sister in law cooked us some great Ravioli, we had a great gab fest and wonderful gifts. Always, so look forward to our time with the other Luiz 4 :~)

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