Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas 2010 was to be a nice quiet little family affair. The parents had decided to go to my sister's for the weekend. J and I had to work both days before and after, so we couldn't make the trip. Papa had gone to see the doctor for his post op visit prior to their departure the next day to Sister's. Well, the doctor advised Dad not to travel that far at this particular time. So, the plans changed. Now, Sister and her family were coming home for Christmas. They were going to pack up and head down on Christmas eve. They now have a lab puppy, who is 5 months old. She is a beautiful girl, Hershey, a little playful. Too playful to stay with Nana and Papa, so she stayed with did Sister and her husband and the kids. My quaint little home got a whole lot more little over the next couple of days!
Christmas morning I found myself not able to sleep much. I woke at 3 am and cooked the ham, followed by the turkey. Sister's kids were up and at 'em at 7 ish. Our girls were not so quick to get themselves up and out of bed. So my niece and nephew had their Santa Stocking time well underway before our little ones sauntered in the room.
The children passed out the gifts, later to my dismay, I had forgotten to read the Christmas story. Every Christmas morning since the girls were born, we read the Christmas story and then open our gifts. I totally FORGOT! I was so sad about that, but I had to ask for forgiveness.
The gift exchange was huge, it always is when my sister is involved! *wink*
The girls were getting a special gift from their parents, we gave them one present with both their names written on it, the only gift under the tree for them for a couple of weeks.

They opened it and found a Norton Antivirus kit.....
Well, as they turned around their Dad was holding a box for each of them.

If you can see what is on Bugg's lap, it is the box for the lap top.
Both of the girls got one. They were so surprised. They had no idea!
They thought when they opened the anti virus, that maybe they would be getting one lap top to share, not realizing that they each got their own.

You can see them here.
I would like you to know that all that stuff in this small room is from my Sister, she is other wise known as Candy Claus!! :~)

Checking out their gifts and we are checking out the mess!

I nearly got an entire new kitchen from my sister, this is just one of the boxes of Pampered Chef items that she supplied me with!
We went on later in the day to have Mom and Dad over for dinner and My brother in law's father as well. We ended up presenting Mom and Dad with a Big Flat Screen TV for Christmas.
We highly anticipated my Dad being a little over reactive, but much to our confusion, our Mother screams......
"Oh, NO!"
at the top of her high pitched voice and then began to cry. We didn't quite know what to do with ourselves, but we know they enjoyed it!
That my friends, was our Christmas 2010.
Hope yours was extra special and you were as spoiled as we were!

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