Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nana's birthday

(pictures added after the post, be sure to read why they are dressed this way)

Mom celebrated her 66th year yesterday. I had an incredibly busy day at work and thankfully Peanut's basketball game was cancelled. I ran to pick up her wreath order from the ESD for her softball fundraiser. Went to Safeway to get a little "something" for Nana. Went to Jo lane to pick up Peanut, who was watching wrestling. Then, headed home to get the rest of the family. I was so excited to give Mom her present. I have been thinking about it for a really long time and finally finalized it last week. So I was a little eager to get to Mom's. I wrapped up a little gift to go along with her card and we headed out to Mom's. Mom was reading the directions to her new sewing machine that Dad had gotten her. We all loved on her and gave her the card. You see, Candi and I went together to get her a "spa retreat" at 7 Feathers. She will go down on Saturday afternoon for a Swedish massage, followed by a facial. They have a hot tub and a wet and dry sauna for her to use as well. I think I was more excited for her to open it. She yelled a little and got a bit excited. She then took the gift bag we gave her and opened it up. We had put in a bright yellow and a bright orange swimsuit for her to take with her to the spa. She quickly said she had one of her own to wear and the girls went and found it in her room. The girls then put on the swimsuits over their clothes and had Nana hang hers around her neck to take pictures. Papa has the pictures on his camera. Can't wait to share those with you!!! That was hilarious!

We all sat down to Papa's famous stew and Nana's favorite "rodeo" rolls and had a great "family" dinner. It is fun with the girls being old enough for conversation and good times. We then cleared the table and played a few rounds of Dominoes before heading home. It was a nice time.

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