Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Soccer Sunday for RSA

Yesterday we traveled to Eugene for what was probably going to be our last soccer game of the RSA season. The Revolution had lost on Saturday by a goal to the team in Phoenix. We hadn't really played our hardest, so it is not that terrible that we lost. What was so terrible was that Peanut was in the goal box when the goal was scored. She tripped in some mud and the ball got past her. It was incredibly sad because she is so very hard on herself that it is painful to watch.
We had to win this game and the Phoenix team needed to get beat. We went out like champs!
Well, after we lined up for a potty break.....
There was one and only one out house for the girls to use. They had traveled for an hour from home, so you know that means it is bathroom time! :~)


E~just a little bundled!!
Papa~ready for the game to start!

Peanut started out in the goal. We were playing on turf and the weather was dry. She was dressed in layers, for protection from the turf and the cold.

Another stop....I think Nana counted Nine stops in the first half.

In the first part of the game, Peanut makes a comment about her shoe laces being untied. She wears these gloves (they look like Mickey Mouse gloves) and she isn't able to tie them without taking them off. So....

she gets a little help from a teammate. While they are substituting some players, she runs back to Peanut and ties her cleat, quickly!

The game ended in a tie. No score. So we went to shoot out. Peanut really wanted to be Goalie for the shoot out. The girl is ready....
The first ball went to her right and she dove without making the stop.
The second ball went over the goal post.
The third ball went straight for her and hit her gloved hands and flipped over them into the goal.
The next one missed, and so did the last.
Meanwhile, we made 3, so we won the tie break. :~)
Here was Peanut's teammates letting her know how happy they were with her!!

The love of teammates. She has a bruise on her chin from one of the girls hitting her on the way into the pile. Several of us headed to Red Robin by Valley River and had a great lunch. We laughed and enjoyed being together in a celebratory mood.
Great job Roseburg Revolution~U14's. I was proud to watch your undefeated season.

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