Monday, November 9, 2009

This past weekend, was another busy one. But, I know that we expect nothing less :~).

On Friday night I had agreed to participate in the weekend retreat at our church for our youth group. The focus was on Sexual purity. The lessons weren't just about God said and so it should be, which should be good enough, but, they shared on the fact that there is over 30 sexually transmitted diseases now! The number has increased from 5 in the 50's and 60's to 30! Some of these can lead to cancer and even death. So pregnancy and emotional issues were clearly NOT the only thing we talked about. The speaker, Pam Stenzel, was a video taped message. Her message was given to us on Saturday morning after being up nearly all night. She was passionate and an excellent speaker, so we had no trouble staying awake for that one. It is pretty intense stuff. Praying that my girls will see the importance of sexual purity for themselves until they can give the gift to their future husbands. What a blessing that would be.

I went home in time to say goodbye to Bugg, she was heading out with the volleyball team to Jesuit for the play off game. Took a brief siesta with Peanut and then showered and off to her soccer game. She played great! Muddy, wet, messy, but great. They won that game. After the soccer game, we headed up north. Nana, Puddles, Hubs and I to the Jesuit game to watch Bugg's volleyball team. The team we played was unbeaten. They were still unbeaten when we left! We stopped for some food and headed home.

Sunday, I got to be with the kiddo's for children's church. I am so praying that that ministry gets an overhaul! Another story! So we headed to Peanut's soccer game at the high school.
The team scored against us back to back in the first half. We scored and then scored our tying goal in the final minutes of the second half. The games are part of a tournament, so we can't end in a tie. Shoot out time. Thankfully, Peanut was not the goalie. Our first girl went up and made the shot, theirs did too. Our second girl made the shot, theirs didn't. Our third girl (peanut) hit the goal post and it ricocheted off, their girl made the shot. Our next two girls didn't make their shots, their next one didn't and the last one did. So they beat us by one. It was so sad. The girls' haven't lost all season. It was a sad day. There were some tears and some heartache, some serious depression from my little peanut, she even made her Nana cry. It was heartbreaking. Anyway, we recovered and we are better people today. Right! Isn't that what they always say?? Enjoy, til next time.


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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the update. You are always on the go!!

Good things are to come with the little kiddos :)