Monday, March 2, 2009


Bugg made an appointment to take her Driver's test at the DMV at 8:50 am. She actually made the phone call by herself and everything! So, she got all fixed up, just in case she had to have her picture taken and we headed to the DMV.

She is driving to the DMV. I started getting butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it!

This is her face after she came back with the test driver~Guess I don't need to tell you how she did!

Getting her picture made with her new jacket and top from yesterday's shopping trip!

Adjusting everything in the car so that she can drive off! Wow, how weird! My baby is headed out all by her self. She is now a licensed driver. Her dad picked her up from school and headed to a car lot to look at this car she really likes. They even test drove it! WOW. I feel so old and weird and I am not sure exactly what I feel! :~)
Congratulations Lynsey, you worked hard for this day.
I love you!

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