Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quick Trip

Friday evening Mom and I and the girls headed to Washington, about 4:30pm. We stopped a couple times to "rest" and once for some food. We got to Sister's about 10:30pm. T-Rex had a soccer game in Everett the next day. We needed to be out of the house by 8:30am. So we visited and unloaded and chatted and chatted and started falling asleep on each other. Early the next day we all loaded into Sister's car and headed to Everett. Here are some pics from the way
Peanut and Curly....resting on the drive.....
Bugg and Nana...not really sure here???

At the soccer complex in Everett the sun was trying to shine. But, the temp was in the low 40's.

A nice little man had a van that was converted to a coffee cart :~)
So Curly is having some hot chocolate.

Auntie and her girl

Mom~had a COLD one and then told us she was COLD! Imagine that...

Why can't they give me a good picture???

Sister and our cute little "boyfriend"


waiting for the game~

Playing with Max~ he is so sweet. He just comes up to me and puts his arms out for a pick up


being crazy

texting and DS

There's the boy playing

just a little dirt won't hurt :~)

He had been so sick. He was coughing something awful all the way there.
But he played like he wasn't. He's such a great kid!

trying to be coat, aunt's blanket...whatever was available


After the game, it was a tie, we headed out to find some food. We ended up at Northgate Mall and Red Robin for some good times. After we got home to Sister's place, Nana and I packed up the car and headed for Oregon. Mom and I had a good time. We talked about a lot of things and she stayed awake the whole time!!! IT was a quick trip, but it was fun!


Cheryl said...

That is a quick trip! Wow you must be pretty tired today. Hope you have a day off this week to rest and enjoy Spring Break.

Mommy Lion said...

What a lot of driving! So glad you got to visit ~ I'm still shocked every time I see T's pic! Such a young man now! Did Lyns color her hair or is it my eyesight?!?

Michelle said...

Sounds like a very quick trip. I remember seeing you in church Sunday morning so that makes it really quick. Glad you had a safe trip.