Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday the 27th of February...

Bugg's birthday is the 28th, so after I got off work I asked if she wanted to go shopping. We headed to get a new pair of "birkenstock's". To Brown's we headed. She has been scoping them out on the internet, so she has already decided what kind she wants. We walked in to Brown's and she sees the pair she had been "eyeing" on the internet. I was still scoping out the sale rack for some new Dansko's, but enough about me. She asked the gal about her size and she had them picked out and on and bought before we could shake a stick. OK, well not quite that quickly, but it didn't take long. Then she wanted a back pack. Really? A back pack? for your sweet 16? Ok, you are driving, wherever you want to go! To Fred Meyer we went. It didn't take her long there either. I have this purse fettish, and the back packs are near the purses, so it took a little bit longer for us to get out of that store! :~) She had plans to be with her dear sweet boy for a movie and her sister needed a ride to a b-day party. So we were done for now.
After the movie, the boy came over and she opened her presents from him. These are the photos from that.

Mom~ you are making me nervous!
It was a Dooney and Bourke wallet!!!
it's a beautiful long necklace with a big heart on it...

He finally let me take his picture :~)

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