Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Glasses

Here is a picture of my new glasses. I had to do it leaning over so my little cripple girl could take it to show you. They are hard to adjust to, but I will get it. They are green, you really can't see that from this pic, but here there are. This is for my little friend Aubrey. She just got new glasses too!


Jessica said...

Oh you cute! I like them lots. They look really good on you!!!!

Mommy Lion said...

Love them! I'm finally catching up on the the blogging scene ~ life just gets busy sometimes! Anyway, love all the pics. Tell Brooke I said hi, she looks so cute in those shower pics. AHHH, got to go it's one thing for your daughter to be driving, but my son??? His on the lawnmower!

Cheryl said...

Love them!