Thursday, March 19, 2009

He is at it again....

OK, so a couple of things in this one.

Firstly, this week, I had a very close friend call me with some concerning news. She had a test run and the report was very suspicious. This is a new friend, not the same friend I went with last week. Yes, I have two friends :~). The report for this friend was so suspicious they immediately ordered her to go get another test done. So immediately I began praying. I also put a blurb on my Facebook about needing an answer to prayer TODAY. So the hard thing was that the test was yesterday, now the wait for the results. I called my friend this morning and she was so distraught, she was feeling hopeless and down. Hurting emotionally, physically, and for that matter Spiritually. I told her to not give up hope. I was holding out for a miracle. I believed. I did.

So, later in the day, my friend calls me to ask me what "xxx xxx" is???? I said, I will get back to you. I called her back with the information I had, talked with a couple of the people I work with, Doctors namely :~), to see what they had to say. It is not what we were originally told it was!! Hallelujah! It was something totally treatable. I am so happy. I knew He could do it and HE did! Thank you! By the way, she is thanking Him as well.

Secondly, Peanut had a choir concert tonight. She is in the Mixed Choir. She did great. I tried to take some pics while they were singing.....

With the Mixed Choir
All the choirs....

Better yet, let me just take your picture now! After the concert.

and with Nana and Daddy

and of course, with Papa!
So that was my day. A very good day indeed!

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Mommy Lion said...

GOD is good all the time, ALL the time GOD is good! *smile*