Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So, we have these friends~ M and B~ they are moving back to Washington. This is where they came from. They came to us, through church a couple of years ago. They have been a joy and a small treasure to us. The girls fell in love with them, they both helped in the youth dept as well as, B~ lead the Drama. There children are fun, we enjoyed watching their baby girl turn 1 and move through the year. There boy, is all boy, but a ton of fun. So, M~ lost his job. He is employed until Christmas Eve, then they head to Washington, to go back to B~'s parents and start over again.
Here are a few pics of us helping them put things in order for their untimely, disappointing and very sad~ departure.

M and B have this master bath, they have been wanting to redo for a long time. Now, that they are leaving; it is getting done. They did the tile work themselves on Sunday night.

D~was told to go get dressed, because when we got there to help, he was in his pj's. I love the shirt he picked out. We have some other friends who left us, who also have a little boy that has a shirt with this saying on it!!

I had to get my smooch in when I could...

D~wanted to be the present

A~finally warmed up. You see, she always thinks I am coming to babysit and that her mom is going to leave, so she gets upset when she sees me come over, we had to really show her that mom wasn't leaving, we were all staying.


M~seeing if the stroller will fit

priming the bathroom cabinets...

break time~ let's do our faces :~}

doin' some trim work

A~bear on the stairs with her "dolly"

D~being himself :~}

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Dodsons_corner said...

B You are so wonderful! I cant tell you enough how much I love you and your family you have all been such wonderful friends, thank you for everything that you have done for us and for always being there. We are all going to miss you tons and tons, but its not goodbye cause you ARE going to come see us OFFTEN!! And we will be back too :) Loves and kisses ~B and M ;)