Saturday, December 27, 2008


To start our morning off....we woke to a white Christmas.
I think it was my first one...that I remember anyway.
After stockings, we read the Christmas story and pray. It is our way of reminding us why we are doing this in the first place. Bugg chose to read the story this year.

Just some morning pictures of the girls...

This was my gift from Bugg...
She loves photography and I love her pictures....
so, she gave me a framed collage of some of my favorites!

We headed out to Nana and Papas in the early afternoon, after I finished making the turkey and the dressing. T-rex hates getting loves from the Bugg really took advantage of that.

Peanut and curly sue, didn't mind so much.

Sister, was having so much fun with us~ we were playing cards

Nana~always has her eyes on Sister

don't they look like they are up to something????

Rock on!! Curly Sue~
all three of the younger ones, got the guitar hero for the DS, so that is what they were consumed with

Hubs having some pie

Aunt and Niece having a moment

Peanut enjoying one of her gifts...

doing what they do best~

and doing what we do best...

Showin' Dad how to do the Guitar Hero thing....


Jessica said...

You know we very well could have been up to something. That wouldn't too out of the ordinary.

Christmas was great, thanks for letting me spend it with you and the fam.

Love you!

Mommy Lion said...

Missing those family games! Love you guys!