Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Celebration

Last night, Hubs and Peanut got all dressed up and headed for the church.

While there, they were part of the Christmas Celebration. An annual event put on by the Special Events Choir and an Orchestra. It is a lovely time, if you enjoy Christmas music, which I do. I also enjoy my hubs and my youngest child, nearly as much as I enjoy Christmas music :~}.

They really are paying attention. They are watching one of the soloists.

Hubs was part of the Men's Group, that sang a jazzy song. They did a great job.

Peanut and Miss Q. did a duet, entitled "I will give Him my heart". It was beautiful. If I can figure it out, I will put it on the blog. Tomorrow is the last performance, come if you can. You'll enjoy it, and there is cookies!!!

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Mommy Lion said...

Beautiful girls! I'm still shocked every time I see a pic of Miss Q! Sure wish we could make it to a performance! *smile*
I'm home with Little Pumpkin. I think she's fine, but didn't want to chance passing anything along!