Friday, December 19, 2008

The Three Wise "MEN"

On Wednesday Night, the youth had their Christmas party.
They were told to dress up as what Christmas meant to them.
The prize was a new ipod. Yea, that's right, an ipod!
Well, Bugg had lost her ipod at school in the locker room one day.
Of course, her ipod that was stolen was just the early 1gb nano's.
This was going to be a new, updated version!
Peanut, got one last Christmas, a 4gb nano, because at the time that was the smallest version. So, they just knew they would win and get the ipod and Bugg would have it. She could replace hers, that was "stolen" from the locker room.
So here they are...
The Three Wise "MEN"

here, your hair is OK, because they had long hair, it's no big deal

whatcha lookin' at?

this is the serious pose, they are WISE you know!

That's my fun one!
Nathan showed up as a gift, "God's gift to women"
McKinley showed up as a stocking
Eric was a logger with an ax (a real one *yikes*)
Zach was an elf
Seth was "a happy child at Christmas" (himself)
So guess who won???
The Three Wise Women
They won an 8 gb Nano! It talks to you and tells you what is happening, it turns the picture sideways and you shake it to shuffle. WOW! I think it is smaller than her original, but it is really cool.


Mommy Lion said...

Way to go girls!!! *wink*
How cool is that . . . Uncle M. will be so jealous! *smile*

Jessica said...

I look disgusting...
Just thought I would share.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Nana, just wanted to leave a comment so I know how.