Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday Volleyball

So for some reason I got these pictures in reverse order, but oh well.
They are still pictures, none the less.Lynsey got to be introduced with the Varsity team on Tuesday night against Grants Pass, at Grants Pass.

This is Bugg hitting against the JV squad.

Bugg, preparing for the return off the hit by M.

Bugg serving....

and blocking.
She is doing so well. There has been quite the shake up with things this volleyball season. The varsity team has lost two girls to injury, they both being senior girls. So one of Bugg's teammates moved from JV to Varsity. She has been doing a fabulous job on the Varsity team and has been written about because of her skill. Another teammate also had to be moved up, so that has left the JV without two of their hitters. So it has messed with her team a little. They are gelling a little better now, but it is still quite the thing to have so much movement when you are trying to gel as a team.
They are playing tonight for the final league game and unfortunately, I had to be at work so I was not able to be there. Jeff and Nana and Papa are though. I have heard they won and are on their way home.
This Saturday they have their final JV tournament at home. She has then been invited to practice with the varsity team as they prepare for playoffs. So that will be interesting to see how it plays out.
Obviously, I will keep you updated.
Chels, on the other hand is going to return to the doctor tomorrow for follow up. Her leg has continued to swell and be purple and painful. She has not played all week on her leg, so we will get it checked out.
Enough for now.

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Mommy Lion said...

I noticed blogger is loading the pics in reverse order now . . . you can rearrange them once in the post, it's just a pain!
Lyns is doing so great! I know she's got to be excited to suit up with Varsity.
Keep us posted on Chels' leg!!! I can't believe it's still so swollen and only be a bruise.