Friday, October 17, 2008

ok...for some more catching up

Well, what a week it has been... crazy busy sometimes.
Lynsey had volleyball.
Chelsey had soccer practice and conferences.
I worked all week.
Jeff's been sick.
The girls played their last two HOME volleyball games this week. Tuesday night against South Medford, Thursday against the Number one team, Sheldon. Some good volleyball was had by all.
Wednesday night I broke my toe. My little teeny tiny one. It is quite painful and working all day the last two days, (today for 10 hours) on a little bitty broken toe is a little bit uncomfortable.
Chelsey is gone to a girlfriends for a birthday party.
Lynsey is babysitting.
Jeff is watching a movie.
I am catching up on the computer.
Here are a few of our festive halloween pictures. I say we, but it is really Jeff's display at work. He had to take some pictures for his district bosses, so I thought I would share some with you.
Happy birthday little Pumpkin,tomorrow you will be two!!!


Cheryl said...

Love the pumpkins! Fall has the best colors.

Hope your little toe is feeling better...sounds painful.

Mommy Lion said...

What a great display! He needs come decorate my house for fall! *wink*
Thanks for the b-day wishes!

Nana's Journal said...

Brandi...was surprised to see you here! I was on Cheryl's blog [she is my daughter's good friend]!
See you at BSF tonight...sorry about your toe, I broke my middle toe about 6 years ago & it sure did hurt...hugs! Christy