Wednesday, October 1, 2008


...Lynsey has been talking to me about this "kid" on the bus. She has some story pretty much every day about this "kid" on the bus. Well, she told me that she danced with "Dustin"..... you know the "kid" on the bus, at Homecoming. Then at her volleyball game last night, (which she won) she said "Dustin" was here mom, for just a little bit. Then she saw him again, and pointed him out to me. OK, well then, now I want to introduce myself to the "kid" from the bus.
So I start to follow Lynsey down the stairs, "no, (giggle) no, MOM you can't follow me".
"Oh, Lyns I just want to say "hi". "
"Mom," (giggle)...."OK, I need to go to the bathroom".
"do you want me to go with you?"
Startled look on my face, "you said Yes???"
She begins running down the stairs. I hurry my little chubby self after her and she giggles some more. We get out the door of the gym and she turns and sees "him" walking toward us,
"Mom, this is Dustin".
"Hello, pleased to meet you". I said to him, "she almost wasn't going to introduce me to you".
He says in reply, "I know, what's wrong with me?"
"Nothing," replies Lyns
Then I ask Lyns, "don't you need to use the restroom?"
How funny it is that she seemed to forget what it was she was doing.

Do you remember those days? When just the look from someone you really think is special makes you forget everything that was in your little brain to start with. The nice part for me, and hopefully she won't read this, is was the former "friend" was there and she really didn't pay too much attention to him; her interest was on the "kid" from the bus. :~}
Some days, I wonder if I can handle this, some days, it is quite amusing.
I like being the embarrassing Mom, it's kinda fun. *snicker, snicker*


Cheryl said...

If I look 8 years into the future I totally see myself in your shoes! I am glad she introduced you to the "kid" on the bus..:)

Michelle said...

I can see myself in the same situation in just a few years. Emma came home the other day and told me about this "kid" she thinks is "so funny and cute." Can we slow time down?

Anonymous said...

yes, mother i read it!

Brandi said...

OOPS... :~(