Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Weather....

Today....when I awoke this morning, it was snowing. I want to remind you that it is April. It is nearly tax day. I went to run some errands, well, one really, when I left my driveway, it was sun shining. When I got to the stop light, it was raining. When I got to the next light, it was hailing. When I got to the store, it was drizzling.
When I came out of the store, it was sun/drizzle.
What is this? I got home, the sun was kind of shining, so I planted some seeds. We will see how that transpires. Hope you are enjoying your day.


Mer said...

Hey Brandi! I'm sure you are wondering which blogging cliff she fell off....no where in site. If I didn't live here I wouldn't know what to think! I think she's on sabbatical. Your comment was so sweet. She's a dear friend...and a busy one..hard to keep up with as a matter of fact! Hope you and your beautiful fam are well.

Cheryl said...

It has been a crazy weather day!