Saturday, April 11, 2009

the Silent Saturday

We just experienced Good Friday. What a day. It began with me calling to check on family in the South to be sure the turbulent weather hadn't caused them any dismay, only to hear that not only were they kept safe in the storm, but that they were able to celebrate Good Friday as a family. You see, those wonderful people of the Bible Belt consider Good Friday to be a HOLYday and therefore, they didn't have to work. How blessed is that? I got to go to work after a wonderful conversation with my Little Lion. I was blessed in my day at work because I got to meet someone who was going through a terrible season in her life, bringing her to my place of work. Yet, in this season she was rejoicing in God as her Savior. I found out that I had a little connection with this wonderful lady. She had read my blog! She is friends with some of my friends, so we are now "friends". Anyway, it was a really cool "God thing" that I was able to participate in her care and be able to pray for her and her family during this season of their life.

The girls and I spent the afternoon shopping for J's birthday. Today is his birthday. It is fun because he just never knows what to expect from us. Sometimes, we just don't know what to expect from ourselves either!!

Last evening while Bugg was babysitting, Peanut, Puddles and I headed to the church and met up with Nana for an AWESOME time with the KUYASA KIDS children's choir from South Africa.
They have been brought from some terrible lives into the hope and saving Grace of Jesus through this singing group. They were so amazing, I bought the CD/DVD because it was just so cool. They touched me in huge ways. I too found out something incredibly funny, like weird....when it is a presentation at church the front rows are filled to capacity, when it is regular Sunday activities, the front rows are the last to be filled. I found myself in the back row and I absolutely didn't like it. I am a front few rows kinda girl! That will teach me to not be early on performance days!

Today is a Silent Saturday, when the people of Jesus' day were weeping and mourning His death.
They didn't know that tomorrow would be a day that no person would go without hearing about.
So for them, it was a Silent Saturday. I read Beth Moore's blog this morning...the LPM blog on the right column there for my Mommas reading this...and she so beautifully described how she had to serve over her friends funeral on Thursday. But her words to describe what this HOLY weekend is all about are truly heart warming. I hope you take a couple of minutes and click over to her blog, it will be worth your time.

I will post more later after we celebrate the old man's day. I hope he will enjoy his gifts, because we enjoyed getting them.


Cheryl said...

I heard the concert was great...glad you got to see them.

Cheryl said...

Okay I just put the whole "friend" with my friends thing very amazing how God works to connect us all!

Brandi said...

Cheryl, it is totally cool how Amazing God is! Thanks for being my friend.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you were in the right place and the right time. Kind of cool how God can even use this whole blog thing to encourage us. Sounds like the children's choir was awesome. Glad you enjoyed it.