Monday, February 23, 2009

Time in Medford...

We went to Crater High school for a "friendship Tournament" yesterday. It was a fun day! We don't normally see the teams we played yesterday at our "power league" tournaments, we had seen some of these girls during regular high school season though. The girls were in a bracket in the morning that wasn't much competition for them, they won all their matches with their opponents scoring less than 10 points. We had a big gap in the morning play and we weren't to play in the Championship bracket until 2, so Hubs, Peanut, Puddles, Nana and I left to find some food and we were going to bring it back for Bugg and Papa. While we were out, we went to this Taco Bell that was part of a Subway, Mini Mart, Truck Stop. We ran into Gimry from our church. We asked what he was doing and blah blah. He had been bringing some big rigs home from California when the scale patrols stopped him and his traveling partner. Told them they couldn't continue for some reason with one of the rigs. So Gimry wants to know if any one from our clan can drive a rig home. Gimry says it is only back a couple of miles and if you would drive me there we can get the rig and you can bring it home after the tournament. OK, Gimry, Jeff, and the other guy (never did get his name) head out in our suburban to get the rig, leaving Nana, Peanut, Puddles and I at the Taco Bell truck stop. Papa and Bugg start wondering where we are, when are we bringing back some food? We find out Jeff had to drive some 20 miles south to get the rig with Gimry. We get a message that Bugg is getting ready to play again and I am getting anxious. I know we are doing the right thing by helping Gimry, but I am thinking I am going to miss my girl playing some ball. They finally return, nameless guy driving my suburban, Gimry and Jeff in the other rig. We are waiting for them outside in the rain. So we head back to the school. They are only in the first game, it was finally some competition. Bugg is upset with us because she didn't get to eat. Oh well. They end up winning the games, very good games. They get a 5 minute break and play again. This is a little bit harder match. They are behind a few times, have to pull ahead, win the first game. Game two is much the same as game one, lots of back and forth with the score, now we are close, we are playing past 25 point to point, suppose to win by two, but we get 27 first and that is the cap, thank goodness. So on to the championship game. The girls played well, they were playing a team that was the best of the best from southern Oregon. The girls were all 5'9" and taller and they were mostly seniors in high school. Our team comprises of mostly sophomores with 3 freshman. So we did well to be in the final match with the team we were. We didn't win. But with that kind of competition, it would be hard to win anyway. They were disappointed, but they knew they couldn't compete with the likes of that. A couple more years of experience makes the difference. It was fun. So we headed back to the truck stop and picked up the rig. Hubs and Peanut rode in it and the rest of us in the suburban. The rain started falling, the sky was getting darker. It was quite the drive home. Big rigs around us. I was trying to stay behind Hubs the whole time, but one time I had to pass and then drive real slow for him to catch up and pass me by. It made for an adventuresome drive home. Dad was a great co-pilot and Hubs did an awesome job driving the strange rig home.

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