Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday Night

On Friday we were heading up to Sister's place. Mom and Dad had to work, the girls had school and I was lucky enough to not have to work. So I lounged around most of the day, enjoying myself and a quiet morning. I was thinking that since I had tried to get in to get my eyebrows waxed and couldn't, that maybe I had something here at home to help me. I get tired of plucking all the time. It is rather tedious. I remembered that I had some really cool little strips of wax that you just warm between your hands and then you put on the area you want to wax. So I got those out of the drawer and began waxing my eyebrows. Not too bad on the right side, could be worse, let me do a little more here, maybe there. Left side, oh, that is not enough, I definitely need more on that side. Let me do just a little more here, ouch! I think I removed a few layers of skin on that one. I look in the mirror and to my dismay, I removed more than a few hairs on my eyebrows. My left eyebrow is now polka dotted and my right is much shorter than it really should be. Well, I can't bring them back, maybe I can get my mustache! OK, that went much better, but I still have some wax on my eyebrows, how do I get that off? I ask my sister, who has two friends who are hair dresser/professional waxers. She is laughing so hard, I sent her a picture via my cell phone, then I emailed her some. They were pretty bad. She was laughing so hard she couldn't even talk to me. I have since deleted those pictures, so no, you can't see them. I then had to have them repaired on Saturday. She laughed a little, but not so much that she couldn't try to make them better. So if you look realllllllly hard, you will be able to see I had to paint some on. It's only temporary, right? Well, except for the missing skin and the large blood blister on the left, maybe the hair will grow back?????

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