Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seven Feathers

Last night Hubs and I were asked by a couple from church to go to dinner at Seven Feathers. My hubs is not a big "go out" kinda guy, so him agreeing was pretty cool. We met at David and May's, but David wasn't there. He was off looking at his brother's boat. We waited for him, as well as waited on Steve and Jocelyn. We all piled in to the Yukon and headed to Canyonville. When we arrived, the wait was to be about 45 minutes. So they gave us this little doo-hickey thing to carry around and off we went. First we toured the gift shop. Next, Steve got a coffee, May and I and Hubs got a drink and we "toured" the casino. I being the naive one that I am, had no clue what most of that stuff was. I was looking and asking questions and probably driving those Casino dwellers crazy. We stop at this machine and Steve tries his luck. He does OK, then he wins $75. WOW! So he cashes out and tries again. Only to win another $25. Holy Buckets! He plays a couple more rounds and then cashes out his $19.00. This machine was kinda by itself and right outside this "closet bar". So the Bartender comes out and asks us if someone important is playing because all 6 of us are huddled around this one machine. We are like, "No one important, we just don't know what we are doing, so, we are watching him!" He makes jokes with us for a while. We get called to dinner some hour and some time later. It is an all you can eat Seafood buffet. Oh my! Does that make my hubs happy. I like fish, but really not the shelled stuff, so for him to be able to get "all you can eat", oh my! Those guys pigged out on shrimp. There were so many skins at our table it was gross! But we had some fun. After dinner, Steve tried his luck again. Not such a big winner as before dinner. David and May thought they would try as well. They were not winners either. So Jeff and I spent $5 on a quarter machine. I lost. Big surprise there. So our conversation on the way home consisted of "God works in mysterious ways" because Steve said he really needed a new pair of work boots and since he had won $94 he could now get some. All in all, I had a great time. Jeff, on the other hand said, "it was interesting". We'll see if I can get him out again. :~)


Cheryl said...

Glad you could have a night out!

Mommy Lion said...

how fun ~ I'm finally catching up with the blogging world! Mark would have loved to have all you can eat shrimp! Surely that would get Jeff out again! *wink*