Monday, January 12, 2009

Time for more volleyball

The time has come for more volleyball. Bugg has been practicing since November, and she is on the 16u team for the Roseburg Volleyball Club.
We traveled to Albany yesterday for our first tournament. It is really like a seeding tournament, they guess where you should be and then you play and find out if you were seeded in the right place or not. We were seeded pretty low, like 36 or something like that. They took a few minutes to warm up during the first game, but they didn't lose one game all day. They mastered the tournament. The morning started out though with a frantic phone call from "the other car". Let me explain here, my girlfriend bought a new car over the holidays. She sold her old car to a friend of a friend from Camas, Washington. She needed to get the car at least half way. I told her we were going to Albany, would that help? So~Hubs, Puddles, Bugg, and "Dribbler" (I will explain who that is in a minute) drove up to Albany in the Suburban. Me, Nana and Peanut (bad grammar) drove my friends car up. I was about 15 minutes behind them because~well, I was waiting on Nana. We hadn't gotten to the exit and a phone call comes, how far are you? We are close, a few more miles. Bugg has only got one shoe! Bugg has gotten a new pair of court shoes each volleyball season. Early that morning I went and took a pair of her older ones to wear myself. Bugg frantically tells me she needs my shoes! I am still driving! Then I think to myself, what am I going to wear all day? Phone calls come for the next few moments awaiting our arrival. Bugg meets us in the parking lot asking for my shoes. I send Peanut in to find out what I am going to wear all day. I got to wear these slipper things that made my feet hurt, but she played well :~}.

Bugg is the one with the black shoes~thank goodness for moms who wear your shoes :~}
preparing to serve


blocking...look at that height over the net!

Dribbler....he plays basketball, he also says he spills a lot~ so the girls called him Dribbler. He is a great kid and we are glad he is joining us.

Puddles..playing guitar hero while waiting for Bugg to play

Peanut and her new phone....texting away like nobody's business...

Bugg and Dribbler :)


Mommy Lion said...

I bet it feels great to be appreciated for wearing her shoes! *wink* Glad the weekend went well. I'm sure it helped you get your mind off other things! Love you.

Cheryl said...

What a great story. That explains why I didn't see you yesterday. I can't believe how high Linz can jump...very impressive.

Lynsey said...

look at that height i get.. dang!
i love you momma