Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not really sure...

So, I get this phone call today, telling me that I need to tell my daughter to stop taunting this young lady and me to not call her a liar. This young lady goes to our church and this was from her mother. I call the mother back, mind you I was on my break at work, to find out what exactly the message meant. I had talked with this young lady yesterday and I did not, in fact, call her a liar, the incident in question, the young lady admitted to doing. So then, this mother goes on to tell me that my daughter and I are neither one being Christ-like and we need to knock it off. I spoke calmly and explained the information that she was babbling on about and cleared up a few misinformation's, only to have her continue to tell me that my parenting skills are lacking and that I am not being what I should be. Mind you, while I spoke with this young lady yesterday she proposed the same situation to me in 4 very different ways, which I did not correct her on, I just let her continue to talk, therefore; not calling her a liar. Then, this mother said that I told a different person that she couldn't minister to a teenage boy. I told this mother~that was not correct information and I told her the real information and also reminded her that that was between me and the person involved, not her. I also told her it was not her place to tell me whether I am being Christ-like in my parenting~it was between God and me and my husband. So, I began shaking and crying because this woman continued to tell me that my daughter is a liar and I am reaping the consequences of a choice I made last year. I reminded this mother that when we made that choice last year, she being my friend at the time told me "better you than me". Which she denied ever saying. I then told this mother that I didn't need to be talking to her as she was upsetting me and I promptly hung up the phone. I called my husband and cried my eyes out.

So why do I write all of this? I guess to get it off my chest, firstly and secondly, to ask you to pray for me. Because, if I am indeed not being Christ-like I would to change that. But also to pray that I will parent my child in a Christ-like manner, as well as learn to forgive this person; whom once claimed to be my friend.


Jessica said...

Second, You are an AMAZING parent.
Third, I got your back =)
Fourth, you handled yourself VERY Christ like!
Fifth, I admire you!
Sixth, You are one of the strongest people I know.
Seventh, sometimes we are better off without those kinds of people in our lives.
Eighth, You have my prayers.
Ninth, I LOVE YOU like my own mam.
Tenth, I am quite thankful for the direction, love and advice you give me.
You are on track, so don't let her bump you off. =)
I love yoU =)

Anonymous said...

Brandi - I just read this blog - so it is a little late. You are loved by me! You are right, it is between you and God - anyone who spews that kind of venum is not your friend and most likely has serious problems going on in her life to cause her to pass this on to you. People who are down (SIN) enjoy pulling other down with them....Of course with the idea they will be on top then.
I know you have given this to the lord. She doesn't deserve a loyal friend like you....however, I believe the Lord will use you for her salvation by the Christ-like example you live out. I am praying for you. Your true friend -Grandma Lion

Anonymous said...

Brandi --

A few thoughts come to mind --

Though shall not judge, lest ye be judged (this lady has no right to judge you, nor put you down in such a manner --that wouldn't be "Christ-like)

People come into your life for a "reason, a season, or a lifetime" -- (her reason or season is over, interaction with her will prolong it)

From the bible "why does though see the speck of dust in my eye, but not the log in thy own" (she needs to fix things within her own wouldn't be having this conversation with her otherwise)