Saturday, January 17, 2009

this week

This week has been an adventure. An adventure I am not sure that I want to repeat. Tuesday, Peanut had a fundraising meeting for Costa Rica, so I took her. Hubs took Bugg to vb practice. When she got home from practice she had received some threatening text messages from a certain kid. We were concerned, it not only threatened her, but her dad and the family. We were unsure really how to deal with this, obviously prayer. That always works, but what else? Do we sit with our hands held and do nothing or do we act. I let a few people know of this so they could pray. My dear sister, Kelly Gay, works for the Sheriff's office, so she was able to receive the messages and tell us that this is a reportable crime. We made a report, the officer talked to the kid and we haven't had smooth sailing, but yet we have. God has been so good. He has given us such peace. Our outpouring of love from our friends has been insurmountable. The people willing to help us with picking the girls up from school and just praying with us, has been inspiring. We know that it isn't the number of friends that we have, it is the quality, and let me tell you, they have been the best. Our lives are peaceful because of the God of Peace. We aren't trying to live in fear, but we know that we are being cautious and that there are a few people who "have our backs". It is good. It is a roller coaster ride, that I didn't really enjoy, but one I can definitely learn from. Keep us in your prayers.


Jessica said...

That's right...I got your back! =)

Cheryl said...

Good friends are the best. I don't know how we could ever raise our kids just on our own.

Mommy Lion said...

Wish we were there to pick up those beautiful girls . . . you know you could always send them here! *wink* Know we are praying for you! AND I'm so with Cheryl ~ it truly takes a village to raise a child!