Sunday, July 13, 2008

there and back...

Well, today started at midnight thirty at the church. We met the youth who were attending the Int'l Youth Convention, some of them were riding with us, some were riding in the church van. Well, we didn't count all the bodies very well. We were one seat short. We, being Jeff and I, brought Chelsey with us, since she had been away for two weeks and she wasn't about to spend another night away. Well, Abby and Ellie were riding up as well, because they were going to meet Grandma Karen at the airport. So we made a slight modification. Chelsey and I sat together in the front seat of the suburban. I know, I know, very Illegal!!! But, we made it safe and sound in exactly 3 hours to the Portland Airport, with one stop for "rest".
Not bad really. We dropped them all off, we had Keith, Cody, Amanda, Rue, Lynsey and Lauren~gave our hugs goodbye and off we were. Back to Roseburg. We arrived in town here about 7 am and headed to Shari's. Thought Jeff and I could have a nice Anniversary breakfast together. We had to wake up Little Bit, she was sound asleep. So, after breakfast, Chels and I headed to church. We didn't stay for S.S., we came home to sleep.

This lovely item is from my husband, to celebrate our anniversary. I love fountains and I am so grateful my husband got me one.
It was a nice day.

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Mommy Lion said...

Happy Anniversary!
I remembered last week, but it slipped by me yesterday ~ sorry.
Your fountain is beautiful! Good job Jeff! *smile*