Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I am feeling a little better.
Jeff and I went to see the doctor on thursday, and he adjusted my meds, decreased them actually. Which is a very good thing. I am not quite the zombie I have been for the last month. It was like I had no feeling, I couldn't feel happy, sad, mad, or anything. It was tough, especially with the dealing with Bugg and her bad choices.

Work was crazy hectic for me today. It hasn't been that busy for a while, so to work a long day was exhausting.

I have been begging my Mom to come over and walk with me after she gets off work, well.......today was the day she decided to come. It was 93 degrees at 6pm when we went for our walk!! I tell you, she is a funny one.

Got to see some pictures of Candi's camping trip last week, that was pretty fun. It was good to see Little Bit, because I haven't seen her in so long.

Oh, I had a nice treat today. When I came home from work, there was a package on the porch, I won a drawing at one of the Outlet stores in Woodburn when I met Candi to drop off Chelsey. A really nice jacket from Helly Hansen. It is really nice, one of these days, when it isn't 90 degrees outside, I 'll take a pic in it. That was a nice surprise.

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Mommy Lion said...

LOVE the new picture of the girls! Chels is looking so grown up like Lyns! I'm glad your meds are better . . . been missing you! *wink*